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HI, I am Ivette Augusti and since 2000 my company have helped many individuals and specialized companies to reach their goals in the Real Estate Industry of this vibrant City Of Miami.  

Founder and Broker

Premier Properties Miami

Jan 2000-Present 

Premier Properties, founded by Ivette Agusti, has been one of the Most Successful Real Estate Firms in South Florida. The Premier Properties Team alone has experience in all areas of Real Estate. This group of professionals has work experience and educational degrees in either Law, Accounting, Appraisals, Business, Finance, or Construction.


Real Estate Law Professionals can avoid future inconveniences by ensuring the right strategies and best negotiation practices while selling or buying a property.


Accounting professionals play a key role bringing economic projection on your finances and creating a understandable scenario where you will be able to make important decisions.


Appraisal professionals will be the best allies to rigorously take in consideration the comparable properties in the area, evaluating damages and city ordinances that may affect the real value of your property.


Our business development team will guide you and recommend the best way to make a change of use for commercial or residential properties in your real estate investment.


Finance Professionals in our team gather all necessary information to reach the most convenient bank offers, recommend, and guide you through the application process focusing on your buying strength.


Our relations with local developers gives us advantages in construction cost, city and county permits requirements if you are thinking in developing multifamily or commercial areas.

Our Experiences

Funder and Broker

Always dedicated to service, the founder and broker, Ivette Agusti begun her career at Andersen Consulting after completing a Masters and Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Florida. At Andersen, she worked with high net worth individuals from Fortune 500 and International companies. She concentrated always on real estate, relocations, numbers, marketing, investing and much more. The power of marketing, selling, buying, and investing has always been the forefront of Ivette’s talents. Now with well over a decade of experience, she continues to apply her hard work and ability to bring deals to closing for the public. Our emphasis is in giving individualized service and commitment to our clients. Thus finding the very best possible property for her buyers and achieving the highest possible price for her sellers.

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 Former clients have even joined our team as a result. Ivette strong motto: It is of utmost importance that clients always have individualized, concise, and timely market information.

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